Day 16: El Burgo to Mansilla de las Mulas

Another sleepless night meant we only started walking 8.45am. no chance to get all the 38km to Leon and be rested for Saturday night.

At least i now know what keeps me awake. each of the c5-10 vitamin tablets i chuck into my water each day contains 75mg caffeine or c10-20 espressos on top of the regular coffee. no wonder!
the walk was as usual by peseta standards. flat, same picture, mind fcuk. quick pasta for 11am stop and then off to next village. I walked alone to 18-19km or so on the camino, but i bumped into guelane at our destination du jour. we decided to stay and finish off the last 20k to Leon tomorrow.

few beers with italian guys (who walked one more village 6km away) and we hit our seemingly new accommodation. time to rest a little.

the night was long (well, it was saturday at last & and there was no curfew in our accomodation) … something i should regret next day ;o)


events of notice: first pilgrim’s credencial completed!

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