Maralung to Lungden: Preparing for Renjola pass (5,360m)

Maralung @ 4,130m to Lungden @ 4,370m (dist: 2.8km, asc: 270m, dsc: 20m)
I am very happy to report that I slept really well last night. Waking up felt the first time like it does at home (yak bells aside) – well rested and ready for the day ahead. My fellow trekkers had a similar experience though didn’t necessarily appreciate me announcing my great night sleep with loud voice at 5:50am. Sorry guys, I can’t help that walls are so thin.

Reflecting the generally improved athmosphere were our talk topics. We have moved on from stomach bugs, how often we visit facilities or how intense the HAFE is (High Altitide Flatulence Expulsion). 

The trot over was pretty boring and done within an hour. I took a full two pictures! In any case, we inly did it to get as close as possible to the Renjola path. We will leave 4am-ish in the morning to make it to the other side (Gokyo).

Once at Lungden View lodge, I was actually positively surprised. Tim had advised to do all business in the previous lodge. This one seems like at least two stars better rated. Bigger rooms, better common area, running water (free), toilet still a squatter but with porcelain, great views … lets see if the food is as good. Tim mentiones that the lodge only opened for the season two days ago. Well, we clearly have been pretty alone on the trek so far. Crowd comes later.

Since we had a few more sunny hours ahead i got my washing done.

Lodge prices: Only water (R250) and beer (n/a) was available. No wifi, shower etc.

Lungden View Lodge, Lungden




Hot shower


potentially available once place fully up and running, they opened just for our group





Mobile signal 





forgot to ask




Lunch was composed of a nice noodle soup (the chilly looked a little old, but was powerful) and boiled potatoes. I added calves liver pate again. Great meal (just too few potatoes this time).

After lunch we had a little general q&a session. Rory had us fill a questionnaire re health condition. It is fair to say that none of us got away without any symptoms. All but two (of 13) experienced headaches, more than half had stomach issues and some had to forgo meals and daytrips. One even cried. Poor sod!

On a more positive note, Tim’s summit statistics are quite impressive. He managed to guide 10 out of 13 clients to the Everest summit. Notably, that counts all guys that departed from base camp and not (as quoted by others) from South Col. Fingers crossed I will be in the right bucket!

I was in bed by 7.30pm. Again listening to Hukleberry Finn, but took a few nightshots beforehand.

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