London visit: Russian class with grandma

While living in Amsterdam I visit London and Alex more frequently. Just one hour flight and not too expensive either. Alex had a few days left of his Easter half-term holidays and his grandmother Larisa from St Petersburg was in town for her annual visit while mum was on holidays of her own. As usual, he was very glad to see his daddy. As was his dog Charlie, who seemed a bit lunatic at times (and Saturday caused grandma even a heart attack when he ran off).

The weather was pretty mixed. Thursday looked really promising after a great flight together with two Dutch women & one of the more interesting conversations (sadly the flight was only 45mins that day …). Friday wasn’t bad either, but come Saturday the poor weather had the upper hand again. 

But we managed to enjoy ourselves anyway. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the new Peter Rabbit movie at Westfield’s, a fair dose of home cinema at mine in the evenings and quality time over lunches/dinners (of course, Raclette was again on the menu as per Alex’ request). I was really pleased how well the conversations nowadays go with Larisa … certainly not possible a year ago. Despite a pretty intense couple of days speaking more or less just Russian with her, it is not causing me any headaches anymore (though I still don’t catch everything). See you in St. Petersburg in June for the next lesson!

The time I had for myself I used to catch up with friends, including my new flat mate Ross and my Katya, Hadley and Max who were also over from St.Pete (thanks for bringing that wireless headset along). Thank god I also found some spare moments to prepare for my motorcycle theory test. I passed and now aim on doing the practical exercise and test in May/June. Can’t wait to get this done! 

Time to head back to Amsterdam … well in time for Man City vs. Liverpool tonight! That should be some game …

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