Bye Guyana’s, Bon Bini Aruba 🇦🇼

Four incredible weeks in Suriname and French Guiana are over (British Guyana has to wait). Sad in a way, but also time to move on. We take so many different memories home! We keep it dutch, however, and are off to Aruba’s wonderful beaches 😎🏖 for some diving, kite surfing 🏄 and probably the odd fiesta here or there 😉


The final two days in Paramaribo turned out rather well. We relaxed quite a bit at the wonderful Palaccio hotel, visited the zoo (finally a jaguar 🐯), did some work out (really keen on getting sweaty again), more sightseeing and enjoyed a rather lively saturday night… In particular the DJ at Zus & Zo’s.

Of course we couldn’t leave without a few more Saoto soups 🍵 and a Dutch pancake 🥞… Too tasty.

Ah, before i forget… We also had our first ‘anniversary’ having met one year earlier in Santa Marta, Colombia. Cheers! Quite a journey since… 8 countries together, no less (and a few more each individually). 😘


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