Laos 🇱🇦: Finishing off in Vientiane

A last sunset and so quickly it was over, our little journey through Northern and Central Laos. One thing is for sure – I will be back. Laura feels similar I think. It is just such a different (and for me better) experience to travel in a country with fewer people (1/10th the density of Vietnam 🇻🇳). It’s not just less hustle and bustle, it is also cleaner and the people seem less rushed (no disrespect Vietnam!). We have seen so little in our time here. Barely scratching the North and completely missing out on the more Southern provinces (though arguably the North was most enjoyable). Thank you Laos!


As for Vientiane – the city was a bit of a loss to me. We arrived in the afternoon from Vang Vieng and had little time (and to be fair interest) for sightseeing. It was pretty hot too. So instead a bit more shopping, food (nice hot-pot for me, Laura had other desires soup), drink and sleep. Same next day really (where i had more time)… Not much more than a peeps of the city’s architecture. Maybe it was just time to go home… ✈ 🇬🇧




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