India 🇮🇳: Jaipur, the pink city

We arrived already 6am in Jaipur after only a few hours rest on our journey from Chittorgarh and a packed day before. Thankfully our hotel (Krishna Palace) was close by the station and let us check in early – like 7am. So dream on 😴😂😉

First up was a visit to Amer Fort (read India 🇮🇳: The hill forts of Rajasthan 🏰 for details) before we did a little street shopping (shoes and a necklace for laura… Will it be used?) and a few glimpses at the lake and Jal Mahal. I got to sample some street snack – spicy, but nice and the stomach was even ok with it 😊.

There are loads of temples in Jaipur and Shri Gar Ganesh was close by. So off we went. To get to the temple there was a bit of a staircase to overcome. Laura got a henna tattoo done meanwhile. The temple wasn’t that impressive yet the views over Jaipur spectacular. And i got a little workout 🏃. On the way down we also encountered a few of the up and coming Bollywood stars 🤣😂🎦

Alcohol in India

Alcohol is neither hard nor illegal to obtain in India (except for a few states). Drinking age varies from 18 – 25y depending on region.

The bigger issue to me is more that most bars selling beer are either expensive hotels or dark places sort of hidden away (i am sure places like Goa are different in that respect).

As for the locals – they do drink and often heavily (they prefer spirits over beer). About 30% of indians drink, which is still less than in the developed world (eg Germany 80%, France close to 100%), but far from the abstinence the main hindu religion might suggest. Talking of which – it is actually not strictly prohibited to consume alcohol. Depends very much on the sect you follow.


No more sightseeing today. Off to Pub2k2 for a drink (yep, one of those dark places). Mistake really. Only guys inside, service poor. One indian harassed Laura in front of my eyes (i am still shocked) and then the barman tried to cheat me. First with an inflated bill (didn’t work) and then by giving the wrong change… Caught again. No sign of embarrassment. India, india… What is wrong?!? 🤔

So time to upgrade to a foreigners place…. 100% Rock. Not bad. Decent be it old fashioned music. Champagne 🥂 with  fajitas🇲🇽. Tired.

On our last day before heading to Agra, we squeezed in a visit to the City Palace (Rp700) and Hawa Mahal (Rp200). The former is a waste of money and not worth seeing. If you go, do obey the no photography signs unless you also want to part with an extra Rp500 🤣😂. The latter is a nice building with great views as well.


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