Germany 🇩🇪: Berlin diaries vol. 3: Potsdam – Castles & lots of Prussian history

Potsdam is the regional capital of Brandenburg, the state surrounding Berlin. While in Berlin you find yourselves often on surrounded by WW2 & cold war history, in Potsdam you find a lot about the former Kingdom of Prussia – at its height a hugely powerful state in Europe. Before we visited Sanssouci Palace & the Neue Palais (new palace) – both constructed for Frederik the Great – we also stopped by a windmill. Between the two you have a lovely (and huge) park to enjoy. I am not going to delve into much history here, but both palaces are stunning so we ended up spending all the time seeing them with nothing left for Potsdam itself. That has to wait.


Sanssouci Palace

The Park

Neues Palais (new Palace)

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