Germany 🇩🇪: Weekend in Saxony – Porcelain in Meissen & Laura on ice

In the UK an old rule, the Magna Carta Libertatum, dating back to 1215 means you can move about the lands freely and dont need to carry an ID. Germany is different in that regard and requires anyone staying more than 90 days to register his/her (i hope that is inclusive enough 😉) address at the respective municipality. No different for Laura in order to avoid trouble and meet visa requirements – so off to Königstein. Time went past quickly though we had time for the ice disco and dinner at one of Pirna’s Greek restaurants – food great, service rubbish.

Laura on ice

Near our house was an ice rink and so I took laura for a spin in full expectation that she clearly has no experience in such things. Well, judge for yourself! Chapeau for a first timer …

Visiting Meissen: Porcelain or “white gold”

Gold they didn’t find in the end, but porcelain instead. The white gold from Meissen is well known all over the world and I even count myself as a proud owner of a set. We enjoyed a tour of the manufacturing process. You better have a lot of patience and stable hands when you take on that job!