I was born and raised in East Germany followed by 18 years studying & working in finance mainly in Dresden, Frankfurt and London. Mostly with loads of passion, drive and commitment.

Things have changed. Tired of the office environment and chasing the never-ending news flow of modern-day markets, I now focus on spending quality time with my son Alexander, getting under the skin of cities I always wanted to live in and exploring the world’s most interesting places as a slow traveller, hiker, mountaineer and adventurer.

Getting the ‘next trade right’ and preparing for the next management meeting is being replaced by planning the next hiking trip, learning a new language or acquiring a new skill.

Free at last. 


19 thoughts on “AboutRocket

  1. Free at last. You made it to this new journey my friend, a journey away from the modern life of finance and material concerns, a journey to rediscover the beauties of life, one we should all target but often do not have the courage to jump onto.
    Respect man. Wishing you the best of times, and looking forward to meeting up somewhere beautiful soon.

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  2. hello Ronny happy new year from åre sweden: 20 metre/second wind/ near hoizonal snow fall. ciao eu banks hello adventures of 2017 and beyond! CYA matthew w


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