Scottish National Trail: Novia Perdida (day 6)

Today: 32km | Total: 183km

After a late check in to our camp site, we paid on leaving around 10am in the morning. Before that we also got to know the 4mth old puppy of the lady in the glamping place next to us. First up, the 2km hike back into Callander town for a coffee.

From here it was basically all uphill for the first section. In general, the hill hikes are now a permanent feature adding up to 700m ascent today. The views over the city of Callender were pretty spectacular. We were hungry for more. So down the hill and on towards Comrie.

That also worked quite well including a nice lunch in the hills. The sun came out in the afternoon too and hiking through part trails, part fields was enjoyable.

That was until I stayed behind for a bit too long and lost track of Laura. Damn! I assumed she was still ahead of me and so pursued her. Initially slightly off track (probably were we bye passed each other). After an hour of hiking it became clear that she wasn’t ahead. No footprints. Nothing.

Thankfully some 2h into the drama i received a message. Laura had backtracked to the last village and got wifi. The village guys then drove her into Comrie were we met… Pugghh! Better stay close going forward. Can easily get bad quickly up here.

As an aside, the route from where we got separated was amazing for its views and hundreds of pheasants that are fed here (to be hunted in October 🔫).

So much drama required a decent dinner – 🥩 for Laura, liver for me… And a bottle of 🍷. Sorted.


Scottish National Trail: Into Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park (day 5)

Today: 35km | Total: 151km

After a not so great night of rest we left before 8am for this long day. First stop would be Aberfoyle some 18km away. We made it in 16km thanks to mistakenly opting for the road instead of the hill route. Rain was today more of a constant. We got lucky in a small village that the local shop sells coffees. What a strange experience to be in such old school shop. Even credit books for village clients he keeps, is a post office, atm, exchange office, liberary and public toilet.


Laura’s comment (day 5): El recorrido hoy fue totalmente diferente, caminamos a través de un parque precioso con mucha naturaleza, luego encontramos un lago muy grande llamado ‘Loch Lomond’.


After a lunch in Aberfoyle we went on. The weather was nicer and the path through forests into Loch Lomond and The Trossachs national park. Amazing views! One issue – wild camping not allowed. So off to Tesco and then the campsite (30mins more walking, sorry Laura 😘). Campsite was great. First hot shower since the wedding in Dunkeld 6 nights ago… Do i need to say more? And a pasta Bolognese on top. So much, we slept well and happy. 🍲 😴 😊 ⛺