9 things to do in & around Issad village

Having spent close to six weeks in Issad, I summarise here the highlights of what to see & do. Enjoy!

5 things to do in Issad

  • Visit the local Orthodox Church (Tserkov Troitsy Zhivonachalnoy): Pretty run down and under some form of reconstruction at the time of writing, but if you have nothing else to do an option to consider.

  • Fishing on Volkhov river: Given limited indoor options in the village, a fishing trip is a must do. View of the Volkhov river are great and within walking distance from anywhere in the village. No fishing gear? Absolutely no problem since there is a fishing store right by the local supermarket. I got a fishing rod and some accessories for RUB700-800.

  • Eat in the roadside restaurant just outside Issad: I had food vouchers from the farm and went there twice a day. Typical Russian menu with good soups and generally tasty food. Much better than other cafes located roadside in the village. The one thing I didn’t like was that they serve food in plastic are open from 8am to 4am every day.
  • Have a BBQ: Sometimes its best to make your entertainment given limited options in the village – a BBQ is a great way of doing just that. All the kit you need can be bought on the 2nd floor above supermarket. Enjoy your meal!

  • Visit Cafe Britannia: The only place to go for non-Russian food (like pizza ‘standartne’) and a beer in the village. Styled in a London theme though doesn’t quite feel like a pub. Drinks are often not cold though maybe my time here has trained them a bit. Opened to 10pm Sunday to Thursday and 2am in Friday / Saturday. They have TVs and it’s possible to catch the odd football match though champions league is tough given games tend to start just before closing.

4 things to do around Issad

  • Staraya Ladoga: Located just on the other side of the river, the town is pretty stunning and one of the oldest in Russia. There is a fortress, monastery and some good views. I have written about my visit here.

  • Veliki Novgorod & Kayak on the Volkhov river:  The town is located up the river Volkhov and a 3.5h drive away. Beautiful old town, many bars and decent nightlife options. See here for details. We decided to see the tour via kayak from the riverside – highly recommended.  Best get I touch with Nikita (http://kayakvn.ru/). You are looking at about EUR20 per kayak per day including pick-up from wherever you finish.

  • Novaya Ladoga & Lake Ladoga: While the city of Novaya Ladoga underwhelms on a good day, the nearby lake is simply stunning (14th largest by area in the world and largest in Europe). Don’t miss it! For more details the lake have a look here. We rented a small motorboat for RUB2000/day at a lakeside camp side (www.krenitsy.ru).

  • Volkhov: Not that much too see there really beyond the hydropower station (best views actually from the other side of the river on the way to Staraya Ladoga). Has a Megafon shop (best network in Issad), a sushi area and an entertainment Center with pool, cinema, bowling and a decent restaurant called Ёлка (https://m.vk.com/elkacafe).

There are certainly more things possible (eg sauna, hunting, forest walks etc), but thats my best-of list.

Weekend in Issad: BBQ, visit to Staraya Ladoga & fishing

Since the engineer from Israel required a pick up also on Saturday morning, we decided to work that day and did our usual routine until early afternoon. Due power getting switched off on our part of the farm to investigate if other electricity circuits interfered with the ID-system we left at some stage and returned later for driving the engineer. There was some interference and we are now closer to solving the issue though it meant no PC and no weekly report. Monday is another day.

The vet students went to novaya ladoga on Saturday, which also was Lisa’s 23rd birthday. We joined them for a bit and briefly visited the annual town festival. The town really fails to impress and has its structural challenges (some 8000 people now vs 13000 in 1989 tell worlds about its demography akin to many eastern european cities after the iron curtain fell).

On our way back to the car we went shopping and decided to have a BBQ that evening. It ended up with some 7 people as Evelina invited two farm workers from Tajikistan along and Vlad the agronomist joined us too. Given there ain’t much to do in issad, all were pleased about some socialising. After we were done i visited a club in novaya ladoga while Jan stayed home to be ready for another driving job on Sunday. Thanks mate! The club was pretty low key. Some guys were a little aggressive in the beginning, but that settled quickly. We ended up doing some arm wrestling (which seemed a popular thing to do) and i was intrigued by how many people brought their own drinks (vodka & juice) to celebrate the night (ever watchful that the security guys don’t spot it). I ended up playing my own music in the boom box and got all people to stand up for the russian national anthem. Fun times though i didnt last all that long after a 6 day week at the farm.

Naturally, i didn’t get up too early on Sunday (with a small intermission to let richard in who returned from hungary for a brief stop before heading to another farm). 1pm jan and I had lunch and visited staraya ladoga after. Pretty village i have to admit with its fortress and monastery. Evelina, who is from there, said all the refurb was helped by a putin visit some time ago. Clearly he hasn’t yet been to novaya ladoga – it would help!

Staraya ladoga is sometime referred to as the first capital of russia given it was a trading center in the 8th & 9th century connecting the baltic sea and Constantinople at the time. The people inhabiting the city at the time were of Scandinavian origin and called Rus. So much for naming.

Near the fortress we practiced our hunting skills with crossbow and bow & arrow for 200RUB / 10 shots. I though we both were quite good and are sure that we would definitely have killed the wild boar we were aiming at.

Jan then had a brilliant idea – lets go fishing. Problem – no equipment. Now issad, a village of 1,000 people, surprised on the upside. There is a proper fishing shop right next to the supermarket. We weren’t even aware of it. For 750RUB each (11EUR) we got ourselves as fishing rod and all the little things to get going.

The weather was pleasant as the sun made an effort and clouds cleared. Just the wind kept it a little on the chilly side. Great afternoon though apart from an anchovy sized fish each nothing to brag about. Looks like we found ourselves a new hobby!