RocketHelps is the section of my blog where I am trying to support worthy causes such a children, education, sports, medical research etc. For my Lhotse expedition I have launched a fundraising page on mydonate supporting two charities that meet this criteria. Lhotse 2017:

  • Nepali Childrens Trust ( We support children with a range of physical disabilities most of who are resident at the Disabled Newlife Centre in Kathmandu (DNC). We help to fund prosthetic limbs & physiotherapy, schooling & further education/vocational training. We also help with essential salaries at DNC.
  • JDRF ( We fund research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes. We work with government, academia and industry to accelerate research in the UK and within healthcare policy to ensure that the outcomes of research are delivered to people with type 1 in the UK. And we give support and a voice to people with type 1 and their families. Join us in creating a world without type 1 diabetes.

Visit my fundraising page on BT MyDonate


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