Germany 🇩🇪: Weekend in Saxony – Porcelain in Meissen & Laura on ice

In the UK an old rule, the Magna Carta Libertatum, dating back to 1215 means you can move about the lands freely and dont need to carry an ID. Germany is different in that regard and requires anyone staying more than … Continue reading

Germany 🇩🇪: Berlin diaries vol. 2: The Capitain of Köpenick

In 1906, the ex-convict shoemaker Wilhelm Voigt had an unlucky run and decides to impersonate a Prussian military officer. He then walks into the townhall and holds the mayor of Köpenick ransom successfully confiscating the town’s treasury and claiming all fo this … Continue reading

Austria 🇦🇹: Family winter holiday Stubai valley

Winter holiday was upon us! Alex more than happily left school already at lunch time and we headed to the airport. We avoided most of the heavy half-term traffic and made our way to Munich. Sadly for Alex with a … Continue reading