Last day in Disneyland and off to the lake (20 July)

Monday morning promised an early start to get in a few more attractions before leaving Disney midday. We managed a few with space tour (virtual reality type space trip) the clear favourite for Alex. Having dropped off granddad Bodo at Charles de Gaulle, Alex and myself headed for 3 hours to the South East of Paris. Without major problems we arrived the beautiful lake ‘Lac de Panthier’. No time wasted here … Quickly erected our tent with great support from Alex, hit the beach and got some refreshing lake water, went shopping and had our first BBQ. Two scoops of ice cream before bed time, a little read and off to dream land. Tiring, but really great. Can’t wait for tomorrow!





Disneyland day two (19th July)

Early start after a refreshing few hours of sleep. The prices for basic breakfast items are nothing short of shocking (€5 for some fresh juice I think), but it helps to a good start. Right after all three of us are off to the pool and start the day rather refreshed. Disney studios here we come. First stop … A quick burger as I felt awfully hungry. No objections elsewhere ;o). First the world of animation, live special effects experience after Armageddon, the Crazy Hotel elevator (really scary!) and rounding it up with a great buffalo bill show with real Buffalo’s, horses, Cowboys and Indians. At home, a quick stop at the ‘trading post shop’ revealed that a bottle of red wine was as expensive as the juice in the morning. Cheers!



Disneyland day one (18th July)

The trip from England took quite a while and we left Dover with two hours delay. Alex was pretty excited about his ferry trip and we had time for some proper English lunch as well – fish & chips for papa and ham sandwich for Alex. The journey to Paris (3h to Disney parks) was reasonably uneventful bar a burning truck half way through! What a sight! We finally met up with granddad Bodo and off we went to Disneyland Paris! First adventures included the small world boating, a maze, Disney castle and adventure land (hello pirates!). After a quick dinner at silver spur steakhouse (expensive & slow service, food average) Alex was still not tired and we ventures to a ghost house. Fabulous. Then off to see buzz lightyear to everyone’s enjoyment and then a brief glimpse at the closing show … But heavy rain convinced to get back to the car and off to Davy Crockett ranch. Great first day.