Great day at Lac de Panthier (21 July)

After a reasonably good first night in the tent (no complaints from Alex whatsoever), we kicked off our first full day in nature. How to do that better than with a fresh baguette from the camping shop. While Alex did enjoy nibbling away on the fresh bred, he eventually insisted on his usual breakfast treat- porridge. Learning French on a bike. After breakfast we decided to go for a countryside bicycle ride. We rented a bike with a trailer for kids and off we went. Our 11km route took us past a maize field, castle Commarin, village Semarey and back to the lake (where we took a quick bath on the shore opposite of our camp before returning home). A quick ice cream to everyone’s enjoyment and off to the beach. This time we took along Alex’s new floating crocodile, which proved an instant hit and he was hardly to get out of water. In the evening we took another trip on the bike alongside nearby canal and with Chateau Neuf (yep, that one with the expensive wine) right behind us.







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