Bye bye chamonix (25th July)

Our last day in the beautiful Valley had arrived and I began early to pack. What a great camping spot it was … Next year it will be some fancy villa and we will probably sit in an outdoor jacuzzi where we were camped over the last few days. Most of last nights group stayed at Cedric’s friends (mike) house. Two beautifully refurbished wooden houses with a nice architectural touch. Breakfast and a hot shower! Feeling great. Afterwards a quick visit to Cedric’s house (with plenty of snails around much to Alex’ excitement). During my the drive to Cedric’s house alongside a usually small river one could see the amount of water that poured down the night before. The river had swollen massively with a crazy strong current. Better not to go canyoning today! After a brief shopping stroll we said goodbye to everyone and took off to lac d’orient.

A 300m/4,5h drive taking us half the way between Chamonix and Calais. No swimming this time though as the weather was rather fresh when we arrived 5pm. Tent up quickly. Then a drama unfolded as Alex complained about pain in his ear. Thanks god mama had given us Nurofen that kicked in very timely so o could abort a trip to the doctor and rather sit with a beer watching Alex on the trampoline! Thanks god. Sick kid = no good holiday.


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