Canyoning and Aiguille du Midi (23rd July)

We had initially planned a canyoning trip Thursday morning and almost got cancelled. Anyway, after the usual porridge breakfast we set out to see Mont Blanc a little closer. Next stop Aiguille du Midi at 3840m. Alex was pretty excited and very happy I took jumper and jackets given the markedly lower temperatures. Was a funny feeling for me personally as the altitude had an impact, but more so due to memories of my last Aiguille du Midi visit some 10 years ago when I set out with friends to climb Mont Blanc from here.


In the afternoon we finally got into canyoning mode with our guide Maxine. He planned an extended tor for juniors and the next two hours turned out just brilliant! Quickly we put wet suits, harness and helmet on and hold up a hill for 10-15mins. Alex was introduced into the key skills of sliding and how to jump properly and off we went. After a few smaller rides / obstacles, we arrived at a larger waterfall. Beautiful in itself. There we abseiled down (Alex by himself), then jumped from about 2.5m and finally zip lined down from the top again. So proud of Alex showing no fear whatsoever. Next was a massive 20m abseiling, which I soloed and Alex did together with the guide. Amazing! From there it was only smaller obstacles though notably our route took us for 5mins into bordering swiss territory. Alex couldn’t get enough of canyoning and would have repeated the track immediately.

Town to get home after a sun & action filled day. BBQ, fire and a beer. It proved also quite entertaining … Dirty Old Town & Fanta 4

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