Day 3: Pamplona to Obanos

I started walking only at noon and didn’t have any ambition to get a lot of mileage done today. My first stop came already after a few km for lunch just outside Pamplona. Pilgrims menu for €12 including spaghetti, meat balls, ice cream, 1l of water and half a bottle of red wine. good value.

the weather was distinctively nicer at c24 degrees and sunshine and i actually had to put sun block to use for the first time. after Pamplona the trail takes you up the hills through fields of sun flowers and with a great mountain range in the background.

on my way I passed a lake and couldn’t resist a swim. feels great! from there one continues the hike up until the top. there a pilgrims monument (iron profiles of pilgrims & horses etc) and a great view awaits you. speechless! the way down was hard on the knees and slowed me down quite a bit, bit there is no rush!
all the way through the plane I practised my spanish skills, which might have looked funny to passers-by (guy ordering cafe con leche & a table for three in the middle of nowhere ;o)


a little further down the plain I stopped for refreshments and bumped into Thomas. 48y Texan guy, software engineer between jobs and a really nice guy. we walked together henceforth and stayed in Obanos.

The town is of some historical importance and also for pilgrims as the two branches of the French camino join up here. the hostel with 30 bed capacity was deserted and once finally someone turned up we checked in and went for dinner close by.

while sitting in front of the ‘bar’ (where I managed to order all food and drinks in Spanish), a french man came along and would be the first guest of the night. we took another bottle of this tasty red wine home and finished the night of in the courtyard of the hostel after I got some washing done.


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