Day 5: Estella to Torres del Rio

Trying to learn from a rather burning experience yesterday (and helped by a very light sleep in an overcrowded hostel) I got up 5.30am, had a light breakfast 6am and was on the road by 6.15am. Beautiful. Chilly. No sun yet. Admittedly, most fellow pilgrims did are on the same routine.

First stop right after Estella was a monastery where the have a special well – it pours red wine. It was a little early (before 7am) to try it right away, but I got half a litre for late in the day (enjoying it as I write). certainly one of the curiosities of the trip. fuenta de vino! great idea.

From there it was a rather brisk walk towards Los Arcos. I didnt stop anywhere this time and managed to cover the 22km in 3,5h or 6.3 km/h. A record (which doesnt really matter). Santiago is now 650km away (although measurements seemingly differ given in Estella they say it was still 695km and I just walked 22km today).

Just outside town I bumped into a bunch of women from France (near Lyon) and Germany. The three triple B French ladies (2x beatrice, 1x brigitte) have been doing the camino on and off over the past years. Celine & mum from Germany (Schliersee) did the final 100km of the camino last year and now do whole trips during Celine’s school holiday. In Los Arcos I almost went to the doctor to take a look at my left leg that keeps swelling every day (a leftover from Ireland), but then abandoned the idea and left for Torres del Rio.

The 7-8km walk wasnt really a challenge and the bigger question was if I should continue given how rocket-fuelled I felt today. on the final stretch I met Dorothea from Posnan, Poland (sports nuitritioner by profession). I remembered her from last nights’ hostel. She also felt good and continued to the next village. I figured it was best to rest the leg today especially considering the hostel offered a pool! happy relaxing lovely legs!

fuente de vino


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