Day 6: Torres del Rio to Logrono

My new loca friend
Torres del Rio

Update on last afternoon/night: my longest afternoon anywhere so far and plenty of new faces. We enjoyed debates over a beer and wine from afternoon to dinner including a chat with an old local (a little bit loca) lady and a few impressive magic tricks from a Japanese fellow pilgrim. the pool provided plenty refreshment for all of those that booked dinner ;o) The sleep after was pleasant though eventually interrupted a little early by few people leaving already 4.30am!

Pilgrims dinner

Many messages covered by stones

Definitely one of the shorter days at c22km. Reasonably early start with 5am wake up, but only 6.45 departure as we were waiting for breakfast that wouldn’t be served. Bad luck I guess. Weather wise it was initially pretty cloudy and hence muted sunshine (great) and about 28 degrees.

The trek takes you first thing up into the mountains, then steep downhill (justifying a ‘10% descent’ warning sign ;o) and after 2hours you reach viana. I walked with Matthew from Barcelona, which I first met in the hostel back in Estella. Pretty chatty young man that has recently graduated and is now going to work at an audit firm.


He is die heart Barcelona fan and hence talked much about last nights 5:4 supercup win over Sevilla. Good game for the audience.

A lot of excitement

Viana is a beautiful little town with a nice square were I enjoyed a proper and well deserved breakfast with a Korean couple (Allan and Clara).

My left leg still caused some concern as it was still swollen. So again take it easy today and put plenty of cream etc.

From viana its only 8km to logrono. Initially the way is fairly pleasant through some gardens and along vin yards, but didn’t really like the last bit with a lot of roads and boring straight bits. Before lunchtime we arrived at logrono and waiting at Albergo municipal for them to open (1pm). Time for lunch!

Steep stuff!
Rioja grapes …

View on Logrono

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  1. Remember my name is Ignacio no Matthew. jajajaj i hope to see ou again ronny it was a pleasure to meet you. i hope to see you again on future.

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