Day 8: Najera – Santo Domingo


The evening in Najera turned out to be real fun. Daren (UK), Barbara and Valentina (both  Italy), a Spanish guy (didn’t get the chance to ask his name, he was always talking) and myself went for dinner. This was after Barbara returned from the hospital where they recommended at least  a day rest. So bus to Santo Domingo for her next day. Funny enough we went for dinner in the same Meson I gave up on for lunch a few hours earlier. it certainly helped to come at a less busy time and was thoroughly enjoyable even though our Italian vegan/vegetarian friends struggled a little for food options. I liked my potatoes Rioja style. the chicken wings after were average at best.

Vegi option!


after dinner all returned home to not violate our 10pm hostel curfews. I quickly stopped to buy ice for the still swollen leg and an avocado (i wonder what the lady in the supermarket thought about that combo .;o). Back in the hostel I met Allan in the kitchen area. he offered some wine and jamon and we chatted a little before retiring to bed. the ice would provide for quite a wet night and I ended up moving beds some stage through the night. thanks god the place wasn’t fully booked.


the way to santo domingo was reasonably short and the weather forgiving. the leg felt good and after an initial walking period with Gene (La Spezia, Italy) I walked mostly by myself. Only towards the end of what was a pleasant walk I teamed up with Herbi from Salzburg. Funny guy.
In santo domingo we stayed at there oldest hostel on the camino that also houses the legendary chicken of Santo Domingo (see here). we were welcomed with a small chorizo sandwich and offered wine and water. the hostel was big, but split in separate floors and rooms. overall very nice for such a big place.

the city has a nice church, which inside (for €3!) presents the usual gold riches and a statue of Santo Domingo. otherwise the city didn’t quite meet the high expectations. after some sightseeing I enjoyed a music intermezzo over a few cerveza’s in front of a beautiful parador (state run hotel that used to be a pilgrims hostel) with Herbi and Darren.

Barbara was yet again in hospital and would come back with bad news. her camino, at least for this year, was over. the inflammation was too strong and hence she was forced to quit. she’ll be back next may anyway. instead she will head off earlier to meet her friend in La Coruna. naturally, we had a good bye dinner. i let the photo’s speak and just remark that the start this morning would probably have been pretty tough without the curfew in place!



Santo Domingo


Santo Domingo church


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