Day 9: Santo Domingo – Villafranca

The weather was forecast to be not too hot (25 degrees or thereabout). Hence no need to start overly early and I left Santo Domingo just after 7am. The next stage would normally be Belorado (23km), but given I am already a little behind plan and the leg felt much better I went straight to Villafranca (c35km). That would leave me in the position to reach Burgos tomorrow (35-40km). lets see.

the countryside was beautiful as we left Rioja and entered the high planes of Castilla y Leon. i walked mainly by myself, but had breakfast with Valentina and my Taiwanese friend. With him I would also walk for a bit after lunch at Belorado.

the final stretch I slowed down a bit and joined Allan & Clara as well as a German couple that were also headed to villafranca. We picked hostel that is attached to a hotel and got some we’ll deserved rest. Its been a long day for all.

Let see what we can expect later as there is some quite important national religious holiday (15 August) with the feast of the assumption of virgin mary on and we hope for some form of fiesta later.





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