Day 11: Burgos to Hontanas (… and Beirut on the move)

The night was a little sleepless after the drinks and with muscle pain (not enough proteins?). Unlike in most other hostels the alarms didn’t start very early and so I only got going around 7.20am.

I forgot that the first stage is some 10km and so breakfast had to wait. the way was uneventful apart from a bridge where the pilgrim sign said go left, but an older (seemingly slightly crazy) lady said go right. she was right and after two hours I got my breakfast (big one!). I met Elena from near Venice on the way. She did the St Jean to Burgos part some time ago and now continues.

After breakfast, the camino takes you off the highway and into proper countryside. This part of the camino / Spain is called Meseta. It is meant to be boring, but at least on day one the far reaching views and contrasting blue & brown colours were nothing short of stunning. I let the pictures speak.

On the way I bumped into the Japanese magician (actually a lawyer by trade) called Koei, the singaporan guy that I keep seeing in churches (including at mass in burgos last night) and of course Cyril.

I also met some new faces including two Germans (no names for now, one west, one Saxon!), Stefanie from Paris and a group made up of a Slovenian guy, a Canadian and a Californian chica.

team Asia!

highlight of the day was the ‘village’ of san bol … made up of one house! funny that. the hostel in Hontanas is great and I don’t feel tired after c30k today.

meanwhile in London … guelane gets going and should join me later tonight. bed for €5 / night is already booked. he will sleep in lower bunk bed. I will be on top … at least tonight. lets see how the camino will be together. Stefanie fell out with her friend after a day or two and now walks alone!

‘Wahad Wahad’

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