Day 12: Hontanas to Itero de la Vega (day 1 for Guelane)

pilgrim’s dinner desert

Guelane arrived just on time for his first pilgrim meal by taxi from Valladolid airport (jackpot for the taxi driver!). Wine was cheap (€0.60 for one glass!) and we had plenty. as so often, the first night when you catch up with friends is a real killer! Fun evening and eventually we decided to sleep outdoors. turned out to be a bad idea without mattresses. By 5.30am we went back to the hostel and caught some sleep as other pilgrims already headed out.

We eventually got up 7.30am. Only three German guys and Koei from Japan were still around. After a coffee we also got going. the trip today was pretty short owing to late start, too much wine the night before and since it was Guelane’s first day. Some 22km were on the cards and the weather thankfully forgiving with not too much sun and a light breeze throughout the day.

we had breakfast in Castrojeriz, the oldest town on the camino with some historical importance 1000 years ago, and visited the beautiful church San Juan. the hike took us through the mesetas and its seemingly never-ending fields, across a hill with some nice views and through yet another tiny village called San. there we bumped into the canadian and californian girls. The canadian one is actually called Isabel, a student from toronto. after a brief french chat with guelane we marched on to Itero de la Vega 2km further.

we picked a nice drive hostel with only two beds per room for €12 each and got some food. the day was short, but still takes a lot out of you. carbs please! over lunch we talked with a Spanish guy called Borja. He is doing 10 days only and was likewise longing for some food and a siesta to recover.

day 1 completed

lets see who else will stay here tonight. Most people fro yesterdays hostel probably went to the next village already. so new faces on the menu it seems.




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