Day 13: Itero de la Vega to Carrion de Los Condes (with special words from Guelane)

Koei in action

The afternoon in Itero was pretty fun. We spent it mostly with Nidele (Luebeck, Germany), Norman (Zeitz, EAST Germany ;o) and Koei (Tokyo) – the latter kindly offering to show his great card tricks to Nicole and Guelane. I think its fair to say that all were impressed. His 10y practice have really paid off. I he is only half as good as a lawyer (which he is by trade) then he wont need to worry. After a few beers and wine we headed for dinner with Norman and afterwards pretty much home. We were all pretty tired and tomorrow a long 34km day was waiting.

The night was pretty restless even though we had a two bedroom (read: luxury) accommodation. I had constant muscle pain that kept me awake and Guelane was busy in his thoughts. Eventually the night time passed and we left for our daily dose of walking at 5:45am (and had each two boiled eggs for breakfast).

It was simply stunning to first walk under a star filled sky, then a colourful sunrise and a great coffee/breakfast 8km later in the next town. Following a canal used for agricultural transports we hit fromista and finally manage to acquire a pilgrim’s credencial for Guelane. Happy stamping mate! you got more than 400km to load up on memories.

Afterwards the way wasn’t so great for a few km. Much walking parallel a highway, straight line and boring and seemingly never ending (and with ever growing heat & no shade). Thanks god there was an alternative route to the camino at some point … Otherwise this would have continued until our destination 18km away!

 arriving in carrion after such tiring day was a blessing. We found a bed in a church operated auberge and received a very warm welcome. Let’s see what the joint dinner (8.30pm), mass (8pm) and joint singing (6pm) bring about ;o)

for now we need to reduce pain levels a bit. lets try with wine! Buen camino!

Physical update: pretty much downhill. Guelane is collecting first blisters and aching muscles almost everywhere. For me it’s the foot soles and also aching muscles. Well, none said waking 800km is easy and it’s certainly not made for office boys like we are ;o)

Word from Guelane: fantastic journey so far filled with a lot of physical pain. however, in the end and once the journey is completed one can only feel happiness and feel proud. P.S. last 5km were done with broken nail and two blisters.



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