Day 14: Carrion de les Condes to Terradillos de Los Templarios (let the tears run)

Cyril, Spanish guy & Elena

After a few glasses of red wine the pain in my feet got say somewhat milder. Best was still to chat with other people to get distracted (or to share the pains in different body parts).

Meeting folks wasn’t difficult as I bumped into Cyril and Elena in town while we got some stuff from the pharmacy (sleeping pills & magnesium). We got a few beers and enjoyed them in their hostel. Nedele was there too, but powered out.

While I missed the 6pm singing group ;o), I did make it on time for the church service at 8pm. It was spectacular to say the least. Some singing, praying and special pilgrims service after communion where we were all handed a little white paper star as gift alongside best wishes.

By the end of the service I was completely in tears and quite happy to have Ilaria (Italy) and Juan (Malaga) around. The subsequent dinner with pilgrims staying at Santa Maria albergue sealed off the probably best night on my camino so far.

Guelane was out for dinner with Isabel (Toronto) and a group of new faces. I joined them briefly before the 10pm curfew. The night was again pretty sleepless (despite herbal sleeping pills!). Snoring, hot and sticky air etc

Today’s 26km walk hence started early for me at 5.40am. Guelane walked with Isabel initially, a lot by himself and then with Cyril. It wasn’t easy to find the right way out of town in the dark, but I got lucky I guess.

Walking under the stars was beautiful and pieceful. It also had another great side effect – one didn’t realise the brutal boredome of a 17km straight line stretch this road basically is. Most of the way still dating back to Roman times.

The walk was quick and I arrived for a solid breakfast already 9am. My breakfast before walking was a chocolate chip energy bar and a can of sardines for lack of alternatives. Certainly makes it into my list of worst possible breakfasts!

Over breakfast I met Mate from Hungary. He has been out of service due to a leg problem for a few days and is now catching up. Target is Sahagun today (for total 39km and 13km more than us). He might meet Cyril there.

Time to relax now in our double bedroom with own bathroom ;o) then let’s see who is around and what the Templar city has on offer. Won’t be boring I should think ;o)

Guelane update: blisters & pain now wide spread. poor guy, but everyone has to go through that part. will try to motivate him to join my little sightseeing tour. a glass of nice rose will surely get him going.


2 thoughts on “Day 14: Carrion de les Condes to Terradillos de Los Templarios (let the tears run)

  1. Hallo. Hast du ein Bibble? If not, next time you get to a wireless, I can highly recommend a quick perusal of the trials of Job. Maybe print a few pages off if you are able. It is all about the purpose of suffering & the question of evil in a just world (how it relates to divine justice). I suppose it shouldnt be so surprising that the writers could have anticipated the kind of questions that people today seem to think have never been thought through – some things never really change that much.

  2. its more a spiritual journey for me than religious (like for most others to be honest). so didnt bring the bible, but follow the messages on pilgrims mass etc that is in english & spanish.

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