Day 15: Terradillos to El Burgo Ranero

guelane, juan & nedele

The long afternoon in Terradillos was indeed not boring. Guelane had his feet fixed up by Juan, I enjoyed very much talking with Nedele and we all attended the mass of an Irish priest. I prayed for my granny (now in hospital unfortunately) and for Guelane’s happiness and well all enjoyed plenty food and too much wine.

the next day (after yet another sleepless night) we started our 30km journey late e.g. only 8am. not good as very hot weather (32 degrees) was forecast. indeed, after 15km I was ready to yield, but thanks to an irish woman (shelly and guelane’s skill to ignore blisters and even more due to the hundreds of trees on the way providing shade to all pilgrims i did make it in the end.

we checked into hostel la laguna (no swimming pool in case you wondered), washed ourselves and our clothes and hit town for a meal. first pizza and beer (large!) and then off to have some real paella!

the paella was handed out on donations basis by a couple that met on the camino 2y ago. he (spanish) walked in 2011 and ended up working in a hostel/auberge. she (svetlana from bulgaria) walked 2013 and they fell in love.

failing to score/acquire an albergue, they do this restaurant in el burgo. had plenty of fun with guelane, tristan from UK, an italian separated dad with his 7&9y old boys, a french woman that prefers to be by herself and two canadian female friends.

nice evening again. again couldnt sleep … and I found out why next morning (ish).







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