Day 17 – Mansilla de las Mulas to Leon

After a long night out there was no chance for an early start for me. Guelane instead managed to leave around 8am. Me around 10am. The way to Leon was short and technically not demanding (and initially at least not interesting). All the burden was self inflicted ;o)
after ca 8km i had some late breakfast and then found a great spot next to the river to rest a bit more. wind in the trees and the relaxing noise of the river were simply great. couldn’t miss that.
afterwards it was 12km to Leon, which I walked mostly with a french guy called Frank. He started in France and travelled super light. we shared camino stories and some of our life. it made the way short as I really enjoyed talking with him. at 7pm I was finally in Leon where guelene (who arrived many hours before) had booked a room.
leon is a beautiful city, the old town anyway. highlight is a neo gothic cathedral, but its the bars and tapas places that made in interesting. the evening atmosphere was further enriched by the replay of a recent spanish football shock … Barca vs Bilbao (the latter beating Barca 4:0 in the spanish supercup only days ago). This time Barca kept the upper hand thanks to a Suarez goal. We both retired early and only got a last good bye to Elena (Italy) who would return home the next day.





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