Day 18: Leon to villavante feat. Guelane’s wisdoms

Isabel, Polish guy & Taliban

We left Leon relatively early at 6.40am though initially had some trouble locating the way out of the city (pretty badly marked especially when it’s still dark). The sunrise was nothing short of stunning! Towards the end of town we bumped into Isabel walking with a polish guy. We shared our walk until breakfast in the next village. Coffee and tortilla please.

From there we continued by ourselves and made good way to have a second by 10am and some 13-14km behind us. There we met nedele and Norman. Time for an early beer (been at last a long day already).

The countryside got now markedly more beautiful and the open planes with blue sky and clouds were as impressive as ever. Lunch break by 12.30 and more than 20km on the clock. Jam and cheese sandwich, apples and red wine.

Strengthened we continued into the next village, which wasnt meant to be our final stop. It would become just that in the end …

Long story short, two more bottles of red wine while hanging out in plaza mayor of this little village. Discussed markets a little as they were tanking like crazy and I guess we felt good not to be at work now. Probably pretty stressful.

new love vs no comment. choose yourself!

Eventually we decided to move on, but guelane’s legs wouldn’t play ball. Change of plan. Quick shopping in the albergue and we intended to stay outside. So off we walked to a field outside the village and found a nice spot under a tree.

A fire was quickly lit and we enjoyed roasted ham and a bit more wine. I wondered back to the village to get some more food. Eventually it got cold and Guelane decided to stay in the hostel. I wanted to come, but feel asleep only to be woken by guelane’s voice next morning.

Physical update: Guelane’s blister look horrible and leg now properly swollen. He is hanging in though!

Guelane’s feet

Guelane’s first wisdom of the day: pain always fades away.

Second wisdom: one can still walk whilst feeling pain.


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