Day 24: Portomarin to Casanova

After the long day yesterday and a surprisingly good sleep aided by the large window (that no idiot decided to close!), we slept well and long. We hit eventually hit the road at around 8.15am.

Team Belgium 2 had breakfast immediately, which consisted of two slices of pizza leftovers each. I saved mine for later ;o)

Already now one issue because very apparent – tourigrinos! That name applies to people only walking the last 100km to get a compostella / certificate. It really made me angry to see these wannabe pilgrims clocking up the camino and basically destroying the atmosphere on the final stretch to Santiago.

also important!
no one likes TOURIGRINOS!

Overcrowded bars that by now are just pure money collecting units in exchange for the same old food (spanish kitchen lacks depth a lot!). Some guys walking with iPads, some carrying their stuff in plastic bags, people in cotton shirts & office trousers, most don’t carry bags (using delivery service even for such short distance). Really ruins the camino feeling. Arghhhh ..

great present this snake
Mathias. Bedankt!


Belgian interpretation of ’69 km’ marker

Aside from the strange crowd, the trek itself was boring. Mostly alongside roads, sometimes with little shade and short bits in the forest. But overall one of the worst bits of the camino.

Positive highlights of the day include another 30km done (team Belgium 2 even went on to do 38km), meeting the first pilgrim with a donkey (2month on the road from Bordeaux, France) and plenty of fun chat again with Mathias & Jorre.

A toothache led me to look for a pharmacy (unsuccessfully on a Domingo in Spain!) and so I parted with team Belgium. While I technically wanted to push on melide (9km further) as well, my legs told me to take it easy and I checked into the Alberto in Casanova – a ten people village. Not much more o do than to relax really, but at least the facilities are great and if no further pilgrims drop in I will enjoy a double bunk bed experience (upper level) tonight.

So there are some 60km left to Santiago. Lets do it! Guelane also passed the 100km mark today and should have about 85km left roughly. Buen Camino!


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