Day 25: Casanova to Pedrouzo (… 20km to go to Santiago)

Another pretty boring walk. After some healthy conversation last night with a German and a Slovenian fellow pilgrim I was restless all night. Cause was clearly a pretty oversized French man I believe that pretty much looked and sounded like a pig. Concerto a la Pavarotti all night long. The only time to sleep was from 6.30 to 7.30 or so when he was silent / awake. Both fellow pilgrims from last night made use of the same window of opportunity it seemed.

Figure of St James

At 7.45 or so I got going. The initial trek continued through forest and wasn’t too bad. It started drizzling and light rain gear was in order. I covered a good amount of ground (c10km) come breakfast time in Melide at 9.30 or so.

Not a pretty city really apart from the little bit of old town as you arrive on the Camino. However, I could finally buy some tablets for my toothache and a new toothbrush (these are not related to each other ;o).

After a little more walking I bumped into Julia from Germany at a bar. We briefly spoke yesterday when I bought ice cream for team Belgium 2 and myself. She is from Bochum and just decided to change from studying law to doing a degree in teaching German & English.

She hasn’t been hiking much before, but seemed to like travelling with rucksack (waking aside ;o) and plans to backpack Thailand next. She started in Leon. We walked together until lunchtime (chicken & salad! Hurrah!) where her German friend caught up with her and I left them there to walk to their hostel not too far away.

I continued in the rain and pretty unspectacular scenery by Camino standards to pedrouzo. another 42km in the bag. On the way I met another German couple that just joined the Camino Franco today having been walking the Camino Norte (North aide along the sea side) before. The sheer amount of people was very unusual for them (usually no more than one or two other pilgrims per day), but likewise the Albergo infrastructure is much denser. They stay in a tent anyway (so everyone prey it doesn’t rain in the morning … really sucks when you have to put together your tent etc!).

todays journey

The Albergo is pretty nice be it that the location is 1km off the Camino. Now I am only 20km from Santiago. HArd to believe really! Most fellow pilgrims feel the same judging by what they chat about and how their faces look. More than 760km and so many memories lie behind me. Next stop Santiago de Compostella! At noon is pilgrims mass and I don’t want to miss it! So let get up early.

Approximate journey so far … at 100 calories per km = 72,000 total by now
Eucalyptus forest

Update Guelane: unfortunately not as much progress as I had hoped having seen his Facebook check in at the 100km mark yesterday midday or earlier. He is still 73km away and the leg got worse again. Apparently he will get a professional massage tonight. Fingers crossed it will help! Get well soon mate!

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