Final outdoor training before Nepal – Day 3 : Swing lead climbing the Central Gully (Cairngorms)

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Day 3: Swing lead climbing the Central Gully (Cairngorms)

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Our last day took us back to Cairngorms. Di must have spent hours to come up with a genius plan that had us picking a route and then climb it as swing leads while she oversaw our efforts climbing solo next to us. We had a few options route wise given there were fewer people on the hill (it was Monday after all), the cold night meant more routes were accessible though the grade was clearly a limiting factor as Di suggested a grade 1 for our first lead. We picked a route called the central gully and I was up first to lead while Rory secured me. The main difference to climbing second is the responsibility of the lead to secure the route by putting solid anchors into the wall (or else) all the way up. Great to use tghe gear and something new learnt. At this point I want to thank J.P., a former colleague whose wife gave me a ton of valuable climbing gear from her days on the hill. I shall put it to good use! Once we reached the top, we enjoyed somewhat better views than two days earlier and the beauty of this winter dessert like landscape amazed us all once more.

Back in the village and after saying goodbye to Di, we waited for our sleeper train back to London in the Cairn Gorm hotel. Chelsea was playing ManU in the FA cup quarterfinals. So time was flying and the huge plate of chicken wings went down well too!

Thanks again Di & Rory for a great few days up in good old Scotland. Ready to go on the big hill now (one week to go now)!

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