Off to Kathmandu – Mt. Lhotse here I come

The time has come. The last good byes to friends (cheeky pint with Sean and Hubert) and Alexander have been said and now I am now on board the air india plane for Delhi (8hours & 3,200km) and then on to Kathmandu. The plane looks pretty empty … so might have a row to myself. Great. To check in 45kg when 30kg is the allowance was a bit tricky, but I managed. A smile goes far in this world. A bit of cheating too and often further.

Now training is over. No more hypoxic chamber, but real altitude. No more Santander bike cycling, but hiking into base camp. In short … it’s time to get going. 9 weeks of pure adventure lie ahead. Never done that before! New places. New friends. New emotions. I cant wait! Lets make this one a trip of a lifetime! And please do join me!

As always, please do support my campaign to raise funds for disabled Nepali children and diabetes one research. Many thanks!

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