Loboche to EBC: Hi base camp; bye Jo, Mike, Berny, Sami & Luka

Today was little about the way, but more about the destination – Everest base camp. The trail out of Loboche leads you right up the Khumbu valley. So no choice but joining the army of ants that hikes up to EBC or Kala Patar for good views. Annoying really given many aren’t well acclimatised and slow and some shouldn’t be here at all. 

I reached our lunch point Gorak Shep after 1:50min (5km, 250m ascent). All of us quickly made use of the not so quick 3G network before we moved on to Everest base camp a further 5km (well, we are at the very back of the camp). The trail remained busy. 

Right at the first heliport at EBC entrance a trekker was flown out (I presume altitude sickness) and we got some good footage of heli start/landing. 

Base camp itself is surreal. Many, mostly yellow/orange, tents planted right on the glacier. The icefall with its ice towers right next to the camp. And the icefall is massive! ​​

After a tea, it was time to say goodbye to some of the base camp trekkers – see you in London Jo, Mike, Sami, Berny & Luka (they are by virtue of a chopper already back in Kathmandu).

Then it was time to move into my tent. It will be my home for the coming 4-6weeks. Nice and cosy. Every so often the surrounding mountains remind of the danger – I counted 3 avalanches before nightfall. And then heavy snow kicked in covering the the whole camp in white. Beautiful!

The evening I spent mostly in my new home. Lying in my new RAB 1400 expedition sleeping bag (-40 degrees) and reading book number 4 – ‘In den Wäldern Sibieriens’. I was outright happy. This is the real deal now!

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