Going on a road trip in the USA? Stop in these places

Heading on a US road trip? Lucky you. There’s something romantic about hitting the open road, and there are many popular routes across the country and its many states. For our list of great places to stop, we’ve picked out a mix of destinations that’ll appeal to different tastes. Some will be more expected than others. Check them out:

1. Portland

First things first, a road trip can be tiring. You’re going to need some great coffee to get you through the adventure. As The Secret Traveller says, the bulk of the USA might be filled with diners and cafes that get away with pouring stale percolated coffee or watery versions of espresso, there is hope in Portland. Seattle might be the home of Starbucks, but it’s in Portland you’ll find a delicious cuppa treated with the respect it deserves. You won’t regret calling into the town.

2. The Grand Canyon

Next up, we’ve got something which “no American road trip would be complete without a stop” – which is quite the statement, coming from a guide to the ultimate American road trip. The Grand Canyon, after all, is one of the country’s best known sites. But don’t just assume you know what awaits you. See the grandeur for yourself.

3. Wyoming

Home to the Yellowstone National Park, named by congress as the first national park in the world in 1872, Wyoming state is best described as an untamed spirit. It’s the place to go to explore some truly magnificent natural sights. The range of landscapes – including snowy mountains, lakes, thick forests, and alpine meadows – is spectacular and will add some great shots to your photo collection.

4. Las Vegas

If you’re itching for some city buzz and excitement, it doesn’t get much better than Las Vegas. A world away from the rural landscapes elsewhere, it’s probably best you visit Las Vegas on a road trip – you’ll be forced to move on before the place intoxicates you too much.

It lives up to its nickname of Sin City, and the number of bars, clubs, pubs, casinos, restaurants and performances make it an extremely tempting destination for the tourists. It’s worth stopping off in what’s arguably the entertainment capital of the world for a few days.

5. Lake Tahoe, California

Where California and Nevada meet, you’ll find Lake Tahoe. It’s overwhelming beautiful whether you decide to swim, fish, sail, or rest on its shores. As the largest alpine lake in North America, its best known for the cobalt-blue waters that’ll mesmerise you. Throughout the seasons, it’s also a great place for outdoor adventure activities. So get out your car and expel loads of energy.

Have you been on a road trip in the USA? Share your recommendations with us.

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