Extremadura road trip: Monfragüe National Park

We left it to 11am before we eventually checked out from the hervas bungalows and hit the road without much of a plan. Not very German, I know. Turns out that you don’t really need much planning in a region full with beautiful spots. We decided to follow some public signposts for an old tower near hervas (can’t even recall the name) and enjoyed the beautiful forest that surrounds it as well as the view from its top. Game of thrones style (in fact, quite a few scenes were filmed in Extremadura).

Once we finished the tower visit we continued towards our next destination – Caceres. On the way there we encountered signposts for Monfrague national park. I had the park on my list of things to see, so why not right now. It was again a beautiful day (we had yet to see a single cloud in the sky since arrival) and hungry for a bit more outdoor activity. So off we went … what a great park it tourney out to be! Roman bridges, preying brids all over the sky, blue/green rivers carving their way through rock and stone. Hard to describe – gotta see it! Extremadura.

After a long day out we finally made it to our hotel. 5 star for a change and with in and outdoor swimming pools – much to the delight of Alex! We had arrived in Caceres. Yet another beautiful town as we would see later …

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