Extremadura road trip: Caceres

Having spent the past two days hiking, we took it easy the next day, slept in, had a long breakfast and enjoyed the indoor pool & wellness area (which we had to ourselves). Admittedly, for EUR75/night this 5-star spa hotel, Hospes Palacio de Arenales & Spa, was great value be it a little outside the city center.

Caceres – hunting for jamon: For the afternoon a visit to the villages surrounding Caceres was on the menu to see the jamon-producing places a little more closer up. Or so it was advertised on the regions website. While we saw many cute villages, cattle farms (bulls for fighting come from here) and pretty landscapes … we didn’t find any jamon places. Not even village outlets where we could have bought some ‘fresh from the factory’ jamon.

Well, we were more lucky in Caceres itself later in the day while we marvelled at yet another architectural jewel. Some 100,000 people live here in this city with history back to the times of christ and the first roman settlements. The walled old city is unesco world heritage and has been host to several film shootings – game of thrones included ;o)

We ended up trying two type of jamons – iberico bellota & iberico cebo campo. By some margin bellota won that duel be it taste, tenderness or look. As you would expect – bellota loses on price ;o)

Bellota jamon above

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