Hola Colombia!


November has never been a favourite period for me in London. Thats the one time when the city truly lives up to its wet and foggy image. Instead I’ll be headed to the southern hemisphere where summer is approaching and spend my next seven weeks in Colombia – a country I only heard good things about despite its violent past.

See and believe, and in order not to make a mistake, touch.

(Colombian proverb)

Planning a trip in Colombia isn’t straightforward chiefly due to transportation (no trains, just bus/plane, road conditions?) and language barriers as well as residual security concerns in some areas. Not to forget some slack your plans want to have for hot tips you pick up from travellers you meet in Colombia.

1) South Colombia: i’ll be meeting up with Cathrin – the german girl from cologne who i briefly studied Spanish with in london and who has been travelling in central & south america for a few weeks now. Lets see what Cali holds, Popayan, Tierradentro and Neiva. Transport down here is really not great.

2) Medellin: Three weeks of language course are waiting … so back to school for me. I have also located a close-by Muay Thai gym (lets see if I get a few more classes done than in Russia) as well as a cool outdoor tour provider. The language school itself offers loads of trips in and around Medellin. So it won’t get boring in the city of Pablo Escobar.

3) Northern Colombia: Plenty to do here. I plan to visit the lost city near Santa Marta, the Guajira Peninsula near Venezuela and beautiful Cartagena & its Caribbean beaches. Kite surfing sounds interesting too! Let’s see.

4) East Colombia / Andes: One of the most scenic national parks in Colombia is El Cocuy with several 5000m peaks. Sounds great to me! Afterwards I should also have a little time to see Bogota – the capital.

Most likely I will skip the West coast, chiefly due to its isolation. The time spent to get there I prefer to keep for other things. But who knows, maybe someone changes my mind.

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  1. I spent 6 months there and loved every second of it! So many national parks and incredible places! Don’t miss Villa De Leyva or Chicamocha Canyon (my favorite place). Best of luck!

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