Tracing Pablo Escobar & adios a Medellin!

And three weeks in this fantastic city are already over. One thing is sure – it was not enough time and I will be back! Hasta luego!

“Quien no conoce su historia esta condenado a repetirla”

“Who does not know his history is condemned to repeat it”

Banner in Pablo Escobar prison, Medellin

School got off to a late start after the Ayahuasca weekend. The last week at Toucan wasn’t all happy though. I got a little fed up with our group session (where things got repetitive after a teacher change) and some organisational issues at school.


Vegan burger in Medellin … thanks to Uri i now know a bit more about that cuisine

However, the private lessons got me started on future and past tenses and seriously make talking easier. In the end I made to the bottom range of intermediary level and can express myself reasonably well. Understanding free-flowing Spanish remains a challenge. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

Outside school I managed to see a few more places in Medellin including Pueblito Paisa and some spots of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. And there were also a few goodbye’s from friends.

Pueblito Paisa, a reconstructed traditional village in the middle of the city, was great. It also offers good views over Medellin. The x-mas decoration that was put in place further served a timely reminder that i need to sort presents ;o) (weather here makes you forget that all too easy).

The Pablo Escobar trip, however, didn’t meet my expectations after it had been praised so much by friends (i booked the afternoon session with free tours). We basically saw his old apartment house in Medellin, his prison and his grave (alongside family). His big countryside finca was too far away and probably offers a bit more. Some stories were interesting such as Pablo inviting seemingly not loyal partners, kill them and feed them to their subordinates later on. Would have liked to see the picture of their faces when Pablo announced what they had just eaten – their bosses!

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