Chicamocha Canyon: Great views, but pretty touristic

A visit to Parque Nacional de Chicamocha had been one of the recommendations of another blogger (ClimbColombia). It’s a huge canyons that is amazing to see located betwen San Gil & Bucaramanga. At its core, there is a visitoir centre with some art, zipline & other activities and even a public pool. For me it was a touch too touristic and would have wished to have a few more ‘self explore’ outdoor options. These, however, were non-exisitent and no guide could point me to a trail. I did a bit by myself to take in a few more views, but didn’t get to far before relaxing in the pool.

Outdoor options: While there preciously little in terms of trails (at least from the park centre), there are plenty of organised tour offerings including paragliding, rafting, climbing. There is also an aerial tramway (at 6.3km the longest cabkle car system in the world) to take in more views of the area.

How to get in/out? There are several ways. I took the overnight bus from Bogota to Tunja. Arriving there early morning right in front of the park entrance there was even time to change into a more outdoory outfit. Just let the driver know that you want to jump off at the park. On the way back there is technically also the direct bus option, but instead i took a more frequent transfer into Tunja and from there continued to Villa de Leyva.

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