Injury strikes early

Before coming to Thailand, my main concern was always to get injured. I remember it well from my preparations to climb Mt. Lhotse last year. Back then it was typically running related. Sadly, injury didn’t wait long here as I fractured my big toe during sparring. 3w off the doctor recommended though I still do light training here and there with focus on the upper body. Aside from that the last week was also quite eventful.


Monday we went to Koh Samui to extend my visa beyond the 30d initial period (pretty painless I have to say). While I didn’t get to see the beach there, it seems the island is much busier than here (probably due to the airport). Koh Phangan seems more relaxed. Good times together with Jason (also injured after he fell badly on his back during sparring) and Elisa as well as her friend (both from Finland).


I also went back to see the Chinese temple given  my camera didnt work the first time round and got to chat a bit to fellow boxer Mercedes from Spain whi hadn’t done much sightseeing during her stay (its easy to get stuck in a train – eat – sleep routine here).


Koh Phangan’s fruit shakes … tasty!

The fruit shakes on the island are outstanding and at c1USD pretty cheap. If you need some inspiration … there should be plenty on the menu of my favorite shop right on Koh Phangan’s food market.


And then it was fight night with Holly and two trainers representing Diamond Muay Thai gym. 2 victories and one defeat – not bad. Admittedly, its a fairly brutal sport. Out of 6 fights, three fighters had plenty of blood in their face and four fights didn’t go the full, five round distance.

The weekend showed the island a bit more from its party side as we headed out Friday to celebrate a few Danish birthdays and Saturday the beachside house of Elisa’s friend. Nice spot and some great times altogether … be it a little exhausting at times.


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