Ibiza: Friends & Burglars

Stag weekends are not something that warrant too detailed blog posts – be it that we were probably way too well-behaved for such a big occasion. Sean is gonna marry his Jen this year and it was a great occasion to meet many of the faces that make up his large group of friends.

Sean & Jen: Picture from our Ascot outing in 2016

Laptop preferred to stay in Barca …

My journey to Ibiza didn’t start off too well, as I somehow managed to leave my laptop in the security area at Barcelona airport. Well, it has thankfully been recovered.

Nice villa, nice vibes…

The flight was only an hour and upon arrival I right away joined the guys at the beach. Most didn’t look too bad after the previous night and many only made it to Ibiza that day (well, apart from one whose plane got hit by a lightning). The beach atmosphere was great as you would expect in Ibiza. A bit of music, drinks and nice weather. Cant ask for a lot more. The boys also picked a nice Villa so we all could stay in the same place, talk, get a few drinks, BBQ and occasionally sleep.

Burglar alarm!

Aside from the party aspects, which I will skip here, the biggest highlight was an attempted burglary at our residence. Thankfully we had a by now heroic fellow staying behind and nothing got stolen. Subsequently police joined us for a while to record details.

What happened here? MEX-GER 1:0

My personal low point of the weekend was certainly Germany’s world cup opening match against Mexico. We played poorly and lost deserved 1:0 (at the time of writing we have at least managed to beat Sweden and now have our fate in our own hands again).

Great weekend! Thanks to the organisers. See you all in Scotland!

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