Elbe paddle (day 3): Stadt Wehlen to Coswig

Today: 47km Total: 109km

Great day today. It was flaming hot, but no bad winds. I also reconfigured weight balance of the canoe and managed some 5.8km/h on average. Not bad, but still almost 700km left to Cuxhafen. The scenery was brilliant all the way and i also squeezed in a swim and my russian class (on skype, just to avoid confusion).



Memory lane continued with Stadt Wehlen (x-mas meet up with fellow a-level students), Pirna (where we did a levels, Dresden (where i studied, partied and more) and Radebeul (well, they been making good wine for a long time). Lunch I took in Pillnitz next the castle and opposite the last Elbe island and an afternoon beer and shopping (steaks!) in ‘Das Dampfschiff’ in Radebeul – a glass of local white included and some good chat with a local angler.


Highlight for me though were the great people in the beer garden on the other side of the river to my camping spot at Skopi’s Elbgarten. Great conversations amongst Saxons. Love it. Do visit!


Second highlight was the UK visa approval for my better half Laura. Happy! Soon i wont need to paddle alone anymore and won’t have to hike across scotland alone. I hope she will like it. Well, i know she will. Great girl.


Time to sleep. Nite, nite.

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