Elbe paddle (day 4): Coswig to Riesa / Strehla

Today: 42km Total: 151km

The few beers last night left some marks by way of a small hangover. I guess rehydrating with beer just doesn’t cut the mustard. A decent breakfast and morning bath in the river, however, helped to revive my spirits.

I got by 9am with target Strehla, some 40km down the Elbe. First highlight was the scenic city of Meissen. Really enjoyed paddling through with great views of the castle.

Just after I bumped into another paddler from the Ruhr area in west germany. We spent almost two hours drifting in slo-mo and talking about paddling and the world. Rather enjoyable. He had started in Bad Schandau and Riesa was his final stop given his 6km/h average was well below the 8-10km he had expected (slow current).

We said good-bye in the village of Diesbar-Seuslitz where i had a lunch break and he went on to Riesa. The lunch was nice, but basic in form of a Würzfleisch and some local wine. After this village the wine region of Saxony ends and the countryside turns completely flat.

The last bigger settlement on today’s journey was Riesa. I have a few good friends that were born here and/or went to school. Also remember the day of the saxons here with Toralf… Well, a clouded memory 🙃.

Weather wise no change. Hot, hot, hot. I musy have applied sun lotion 10 times over the day. Hope it helps!

Good night from Strehla.

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