Elbe paddle (day 5): Riesa / Strehla to Torgau via Mühlberg

Today: 46km| Total: 197km

In a way the best day yet, at least in paddling terms. Managed 6,5km/h average, which gave me the required mileage, time for brief visits of the city of Mühlberg as well as Torgau and my Spanish class. No longer do i feel tired as hell in the evenings. Great. About a quarter of the journey is behind me. Can’t wait for the rest.


The landscape along the river is now pretty flat. You don’t see much given low water levels and high, grassy embankments on each side. Occasionally a village or town. Still not much traffic on the river at all. Very enjoyable indeed.

I chatted with another paddler at the canoe club of Mühlberg today. He stayed with the guy I met on the river yesterday for a night in Meissen. His comments on the final part of the trip (busy waterways in Hamburg) were a little scary. He told about massive waves from tugboats and super container ships. Tidal table also important (no way to paddle against the tide). Well, lets see. Much time until then.

The city of Mühlberg is a sleepy place with a castle that looks like a ruin (new owner is meant to fix it), a nice church and some lovely townhouses. I enjoyed most the chat with the lady in her bistro (`imbiss’) place. Good old. East Germans amongst each other. Here, i was briefly in the state of Brandenburg (though the town belonged to Saxony up to some 200y ago.

Torgau is a little larger and boasts the only early renaissance castle left in germany. Also a nice town center. I was after an ice cream and some provisions. All with full success.

Love the camping spot yey again. With my own little hill for the tent ans my own beach to park the rocket-canoe. Brilliant. The moon lights up the night. Enjoyable evening swim. Noone around. Perfect. Just would like to be here with amorcita. Well, a few more days…

Tomorrow we are meant to get a slight change from the pure aunshine weather. Thunderstorms are expected for the late afternoon. Well, wouldnt mind a bit of rain. Once in tent, its quite romantic. So bring it on.

Buenas noches!

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