Elbe paddle (day 10): Magdeburg – Niegripp

Today: 20km | Total: 392km

The evening in Magdeburg turned into an all nighter. After my Vietnamese dinner i waited in an Irish pub for the supposed arrival of Laura by train from Berlin just after midnight. Sadly, due to delayed connections this was not meant to happen. So we both ended up waiting for the first morning train – she in Berlin, I in Magde.


By 6am the wait was over. The initial plan though of taking a rest day in Magdeburg (eg in the tent) was not really an option. The sun was just too hot and with 36 degree forecast for the day we decided to relocate to a shadier place by the river.

We found one not to too far down the Elbe – Laura doing quite well on the paddling with her rocketontour baseball cap (how cool is that). A mix of cooling down in the river and catching up with sleep ensued. But we were a little short of water and decided to paddle on mid afternoon.

Sadly, no shop was open (sorry, exists) in the pretty village of Hohenwarthe with its romantic church and well looked after houses. However, we got free water from a nice older couple. Nice gesture indeed. No far off is the Waldschaenke with its beer garden. Nice for a drink, but pricey and with staff that wasn’t trying very hard to be friendly. Laura enjoyed her Würzfleisch though (€13,50!?).

We wanted to get some shopping done and headed 6km further to Niegripp… Only to find all shops and restaurants closed (as in so many villages before). Even the clubhouse of the local soccer team couldn’t help us. However, we got water from the graveyard to get by until the next village.

Dinner, wash, sleep – and well we slept. Tomorrow off Tangermünde. Weather permitting.

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