Elbe paddle (day 11 & 12): Niegripp – Tangermünde – (somehwhere near) Räbel

Today: 77km (2 days) | Total: 469km

Time is flying and the 400km mark long behind us. Many impressions to be remembered. Right up there was last night – stormy and full of lightnings, the tasty Kuhschwanzbier in cosy Tangermünde and the camp fire in the middle of nowhere tonight. Freedom is a great thing. And even better enjoyed together.


Way to Tangermünde: Laura’s first full day on the canoe took us 43km to Tangermünde. It was a long day and took until 8.30pm to complete. Much to observe in terms of wildlife, clouds and colours everywhere. We also passed by the last combat spot of WW2 (funny enough that the low water levels reveal ammunition from back than at this time).

Tangermünde is a lovely old city (17th century), very well-preserved and with tasty local Kuhschwanzbier (apparently the blond one is the better). We strolled through town in the morning after an eventful night that had hell break lose – thunder, lightning and rain from midnight to 7/8am. At times it was a bit scary, but the tent did a good job. With a bit of Portishead music we actually had a rather atmospheric path into dreamland.


Drifting along the river: Having left Tangermünde behind us we made good progress in the morning amidst good temperatures. After a nice noodle soup lunch we let the river do its bit for a while and enjoyed drifting along amidst sunshine, music, wine and couples talk. Loads of birds making a lot of noise around us. Permanant take offs, landings and flight in formations of large groups of all sort birds (many geese). After a bit of rowing, we rested 34km into the day0with a texas hot pot, grilled knackers and a camp fire. Lovely.

From here we have 300km left (43km/day). Let’s hope the weather stays on our side. Still not sure what to do in Hamburg. Let’s see.

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