Scottish National Trail: Along the Forth & Clyde Canal (day 3)

Today 30km | Total: 85km

We leave the Union canal behind us and now follow the Forth and Clyde canal towards Glasgow. The canal is a little wider, feels more natural (water lilies etc) and makes for an easy, flat walk. Ever so often we pass by locks that manage the water levels and marinas in little towns full with riverboats. We also keep bumping into people for a chat. Many don’t know where Cape Wrath is – those that do, are usually in disbelief or burst into laughter given the distance.

For night 3, we put up camp in a cornfield close to the canal and take a bath with cold canal water. Feels good though. Our choice of food (Nepalse Bhat soup) had some undesired side effects, but was tasty. Before it was bed time we enjoyed a game of cards.

The night was pretty windy and wet. Rain lastet all the way into the morning and so we ‘slept in’.

Laura’s comment (day 3): Hoy fue un dia muy provechoso, el clima nos permitió caminar lo suficiente; encontrar el lugar para el camping no fue fácil, pero finalmente hallamos un lugar seco y fresco para descansar, con una rica sopa preparada por Ronny.

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