Scottish National Trail: New bearing North & birthday drinks with Moira (day 4)

Today: 31km | Total: 116km

Overnight and morning rain made for a late start, but still we busted the 100km mark (1/7th of the way 😕) . We followed the Forth & Clyde canal a little longer than we should, but eventually changed our heading from West to North and left Glasgow behind us. Given that we missed the correct turn, we now walked along a rather busy road. Not great, but heh. 12km into the day we reached the town of Milngavie.

Laura’s comment (day 4): El destino final de nuestro día fue el pueblo de Drymen, lamentablemente para mí llegar a este lugar no fue fácil, porque debí tomar un bus a razón del fuerte dolor en mi rodilla izquierda, pero después de este breve descanso puedo continuar la aventura. 😎

Laura’s knee was in some pain and so we decided to split up here and give her a little rest. We won’t have that option all the time at last. She’d take the bus to Drymen while i would walk. That meant that she sadly missed the start of a really nice trail – the west highland way. Suddenly you find yourself in forests, walk up and down hills (210m ascent) and get to take in some awesome scenery. Very enjoyable.


On my way I met the first hiker headed our direction. His name is Peter and he is Irish. In his normal life he teaches English to foreigners (many South Americans). He is headed for Fort William along the west highland way. Peter has lived for some time in Chile and recently spent time in Patagonia. Conversations like this let the miles just fly past you.

Once in Drymen, i met Laura at the Drymen Inn for dinner. Not long after Moira and her husband stopped by. Moira is a good friend i met in Nepal last year and saw since in London (5,800m test hike; bye Mo & Zena). It was her birthday on top and a great way to catch up. Loads of gossip and mountain anecdotes 😁🤣.

We finally found a wild camping spot just outside Drymen – right next to mountain rescue as we discovered the next morning.

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