Scottish National Trail: Walking on Water (day 13)

Today: 62km | Total: 486km

As I begin to write this, I am sitting in the Cluani Inn in tiny village that consists of just a pub & hotel (and only during summer). And I am pretty exhausted after 11h on a tough trail. A pint of lager, garlic baguette and steak & ale pie hopefully work wonders.

It was a bloody cold night down to +1 degrees and by the time i started walking at 8am still only +6. My alarm wasn’t necessary to wake up today. Forest trucks driving past my camping spot took over that job – some with and some without horn 📯. The sun came out pretty quickly though and made for a nice start to the day overall.

The route today was a step up from the ones before. First test was a boggy field akin to a swap. I reckon i spent half my day in water in some form or shape. Wet boots and socks included. The other challenge were two crossovers from valley to valley with 1000m total ascent. You just dont go very fast in either circumstance.

Meanwhile in Inverness… Laura on sightseeing tour as well as some shopping for the last big section up North.

I guess thats the Scottish national trail for you. Every step you take further north makes it harder terrain wise and you have to carry more supplies too.

On the other hand all the hard work paid off with some spectacular views. I had several WOW moments. So all the effort ia worth it.

The rest of my route to Invershiel was sorted with a sudden hitchhike from outside the pub. Thanks James. Really needed that today. Saves me a lot of time tomorrow.

So nite, nite… The hot 🚿 was excellent!

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